They All Be On This Old Road – Out Now!

The first issue on CD of the beautiful Elton Dean Quartet album They All Be On This Old Road, with Elton Dean, Keith Tippett, Louis Moholo-Moholo and Chris Laurence, is now available! Recorded live at the Seven Dials club, this reissue has a whole second LP’s worth of material. When we were going through the tapes we came across two that looked as if they had been mixed, and low and behold, we had what looked like a second album all ready to go but never released! As good as the original album (as you’d expect) with precious and never heard compositions by Elton and Keith to whom this release is dedicated. We’ve also added some new photos and David Ilic has masterfully reworked the sleeve. Gearbox Records did a great job on the transfers and mastering. Read more in our releases section.

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