Welcome to the new Ogun website.

We are pleased to announce that our CD back catalogue is now available via Bandcamp, both physically (where in print) and digitally. Check the links in the Shop.

Three CD titles by our much-missed dear friend and master musician Keith Tippett have been repressed and are available now: Frames (Keith Tippett’s Ark), A Loose Kite Floating In A Gentle Wind With Only My Will For An Anchor (Keith Tippett Septet) and From Granite To Wind (Keith Tippett Octet).

November will also see the release – for the first time on CD – of They All Be On This Old Road by the Elton Dean Quartet, featuring Keith Tippett, Chris Laurence and Louis Moholo-Moholo. This expanded edition of the original LP (OG400) includes newly discovered extra material from the 1976 live recording.

More releases are planned as we further explore the label’s archives. As the Ogun journey continues, we are glad to have you along for the ride…