Ovary Lodge – Ovary Lodge

Ovary Lodge – Ovary Lodge

Recorded live at Nettlefold Hall, London, SE27 on 6 August, 1975 by Keith Beal. All music composed by Ovary Lodge. Originally released on LP as OG600 in 1976 and reissued on CD OGCD021 in 2007.

“All the music on this album is improvised. The sounds are acoustic and no electrics are involved. The music vocabulary of ‘Ovary Lodge’ has developed out of ‘blows’ as opposed to rehearsals. In the three years that the group has been in existence there has been no discussion between members as to musical direction.

“During playback and mixing the members of the group were unsure at times who was playing what. So, in danger of sounding dogmatic, I suggest to the listener that he or she forgets there are four people on this recording and tries hearing it as an orchestra.”
– Keith Tippett

Keith Tippett – piano, harmonium, recorder, voice, maracas
Julie Tippetts – voice, er-hu, sopranino recorder
Harry Miller – bass
Frank Perry – percussion, voice, hsiao, sheng

Ovary Lodge
Ovary Lodge

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