Louis Moholo-Moholo Quartet – 4 Blokes

Louis Moholo-Moholo Quartet – 4 Blokes

“4 Blokes is a casual title for a set of astonishing intensity, the blokes being the leader, saxophonist Jason Yarde, pianist Alexander Hawkins and bassist John Edwards. Hawkins’ racing piano leads the hooty For the Blue Notes, Yarde is sinewy and agile on soprano sax on the free-jazz sprint Something Gentle (which it isn’t, until its closing moments), while the hymnal Mark of Respect rises on Yarde’s swelling melody over churning grooves. The long Tears for Steve Biko is a free-jazz thrash dominated by writhing soprano lines and clamouring piano, and South African jazz heroes the Blue Notes (Moholo-Moholo is the only surviving member) are celebrated on the late Dudu Pukwana’s sensuous Angel-Nomali. It’s not quite like being at a 4 Blokes gig, but very close.”
– John Fordham, review in the Guardian

Alexander Hawkins – piano
John Edwards – bass
Louis Moholo-Moholo – drums
Jason Yarde – saxophones

Louis Moholo-Moholo Quartet
4 Blokes
CD / Digital

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