Louis Moholo-Moholo – Mpumi

Louis Moholo-Moholo – Mpumi

An album of piano / drums duets that Louis named for his beloved, and now tragically departed, wife Mpumi. The recordings took place in London in September, 1995, though the album was not actually released until 2002.

“Louis Moholo-Moholo, Son of the soil, has embarked on this musical journey with two of South Afrika’s treasures – pianists Mervyn Africa and Pule Pheto. The third Pianist being his old favourite and friend, Keith Tippett. Louis’ vibrant, warm and marvellous sounds celebrate the memory of hislong departed brothers: Mongezi Feza, Johnny Dyani, Chris McGregor, Dudu Pukwana, Harry Miller; and his mother Dorah Lulu Moholo – RESPECT”
– Mpumi Moholo

Track 1 – Mervyn Africa (piano) and Louis Moholo-Moholo (drums)
Track 2 – Pule Pheto (piano) and Louis Moholo-Moholo (drums)
Tracks 3-5 – Keith Tippett (piano) and Louis Moholo-Moholo (drums)

Louis Moholo-Moholo
CD / Digital

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