Keith Tippett’s Ark – Frames (Music for an Imaginary Film)

Keith Tippett’s Ark – Frames (Music for an Imaginary Film)

Tippett’s 22-strong orchestra debuted the epic Frames at the Roundhouse in London on 21 May 1978 and convened at the Wessex Studios over the following three days to record the piece. Originally released later that year on double LP as Ogun003/004, the double CD issue appeared in 1996.

Keith Tippett – piano, harmonium
Stan Tracey – piano
Elton Dean – alto sax, saxello
Trevor Watts – alto & soprano saxes
Brian Smith – tenor & soprano saxes, alto flute
Larry Stabbins – tenor & soprano saxes, flute
Mark Charig – trumpet, small trumpet, tenor horn, Kenyan thumb piano
Henry Lowther – trumpet
Dave Amis – trombone
Nick Evans – trombone
Maggie Nicols – voice
Julie Tippetts – voice
Steve Levine – violin
Rod Skeaping – violin
Phil Wachsmann – electric violin, violin
Geoffrey Wharton – violin
Alexandra Robinson – cello
Tim Kramer – cello
Peter Kowald – bass, tuba
Harry Miller – bass
Louis Moholo – drums
Frank Perry – percussion

Keith Tippett’s Ark
Frames (Music for an Imaginary Film)
2CD / Digital

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