Keith Tippett Octet – From Granite To Wind

Keith Tippett Octet – From Granite To Wind

A 2011 CD release on the Ogun label, recorded by the Octet at the Real World Studios on 30/31 January of that year.

“Keith Tippett has been one of the UK’s most inventive solo improvisers and composers since the 1970s, and this continuous-performance suite is a fine representation of those skills. It’s a framework for the impressionistic poetry of his vocalist wife Julie Tippett, and the sax-playing of four fine soloists including long-time associate Paul Dunmall.”
– John Fordham, Guardian

Keith Tippett – piano keyboard & interior, pebbles, maraca, woodblocks, music box
Julie Tippetts – voice, seed pods, Balinese xylophone, toy xylophone, struck thumb piano
Paul Dunmall – tenor & soprano saxes
James Gardiner-Bateman – alto sax
Kevin Figes – alto & baritone saxes
Ben Waghorn – tenor sax, bass clarinet
Thad Kelly – double bass
Peter Fairclough – drums

Keith Tippett Octet
From Granite To Wind
CD / Digital

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