Francine Luce – Bò Kay La Vi​-​a

Francine Luce – Bò Kay La Vi​-​a

One of the lesser-known gems in the Ogun catalogue – check the list of participating musicians to start with! Francine, originally from Martinique but a long-time resident of the UK, has contributed her unique vocals to Louis Moholo-Moholo’s Unit and Septet, and to the Dedication Orchestra, but this her debut album from 1999 remains her only recorded output under her name on Ogun.

Francine Luce – vocals
Evan Parker – tenor & soprano saxophones
Claude Deppa – trumpet, flugelhorn
Paul Rutherford – trombone
Keith Tippett – piano, musical box
Paul Rogers – bass
Louis Moholo – drums, percussion
Field recordings of insects, birds and sea made in Martinique

Francine Luce
Bò Kay La Vi​-​a
CD / Digital

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