Alan Skidmore / Mike Osborne / John Surman – SOS

Alan Skidmore / Mike Osborne / John Surman – SOS

Recorded in January 1975 and released on LP (OG 400) in that year. Re-released on CD in 2006 (OGCD019). A ground-breaking album not just for the three sax line up but for the early use of electronics, especially in the jazz idiom.

“One of the many strengths of SOS was that each of the three members was a giant in his own right; this was a meeting of equals. Although the album abounds with fine solos from all three, the saxophones frequently combine to create an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of sound as they weave in and out of each other, none of them actually soloing but each of them following their own path.

“Generally the electronics enhance and add variety to the sound palette, as does Skidmore’s occasional drumming and Surman’s bass clarinet. Indeed, it is likely to be the variety of the music here that will most impress first time listeners; for a saxophone trio, there is far more here than one has any right to expect. Sheer enjoyment from start to finish.”
– John Eyles / All Music Guide

Alan Skidmore – tenor saxophone, drums, percussion
Mike Osborne – alto saxophone, percussion
John Surman – baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, synthesiser

Alan Skidmore / Mike Osborne / John Surman

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